Shang Planning Platform

Shang Planning Platform is the educational advisory arm under Shang Learning Group. We believe preparation breeds success; therefore, we advise families to think long-term and begin as early as third grade to build a solid foundation for life-skills and habits that would enable the students to shine.

It is precisely for this purpose that we have built a meticulously selected group of educators and consultants with specialization and expertise. Collaborating as a team to provide both professional advice and attentive service, we provide result-oriented, individualized education solutions tailored to each family.

Individualized Education Plan

Our highly personalized services include (1) academic roadmap, and (2) life-skills and character development. We go above and beyond in discovering and evaluating the most suitable educational partners whose exclusive resources would add value to our families.

Our team of exclusive partners includes but is not limited to the esteemed Independent Educational Consultants Association (IECA) in the US, and we welcome collaboration discussion with education companies and consultants around the world who share the same vision.

  • Academic Roadmap

    In addition to acquiring knowledge through a variety of courses and services, it is important to develop beneficial habits in order to become an innate, active learner. We cover topics include but not limited to time management, course selection and planning, major & career counseling to keep track of every step of the students’ personal growth.

  • Character Development

    Character-building is often overlooked in a culture so heavily dependent upon testing. Yet, a foundation of clear personal values and upright character traits are the hallmark of positive leadership universally. Our team of experienced consultants not only guide students through their academic career, but more importantly, mentor them through various decision-making scenarios in life and instill in them a sense of purpose, global citizenship, community and self-awareness, and social responsibility.


Top Schools Admissions Program

For families who are not 100% certain about studying abroad but who aim to prepare early in case of last minute change of plan, this Program provides students with a systematic curriculum including GPA booster, core skills development and mentorship services, regardless of whether they apply to schools overseas. Program highlights include:

  • Senior Educational Consultants to recommend personalized academic curriculum roadmap for students.
  • Professional Educational Consultant, along with a dedicated Extracurricular Activities (Athletic, Artistic, Musical, etc.) Senior Planning Consultant working together to create a tailored educational roadmap for students, guiding them towards their dream schools.
  • To discover the potential of students and to enhance their self-awareness.
  • To nurture comprehensive life skills, for academic, social emotional and professional readiness so students are prepared for a successful foray into top schools abroad.
  • Exclusive invitation to Shang’s VVIP Family Club, where we share proprietary educational resources, first-hand industry intelligence and organize intimate offline salons.
  • All students participating in the Admission Program will automatically become full members of Shang’s Library free of cost, and they will receive free test prep assessment and evaluation.
Top Schools Admissions Program Term 1 Term 2
Service Offerings Hour Hour
Top Schools Admissions Program
Mentorship on GPA improvement 6h 6h
Extracurricular Activities Roadmap
(with Professional Athletic Planning Consultant)
3h 3h
IECA offline events & exclusive salons
(small group)
1h 1h
Core Skills Training for Top Schools
Skills Courses 40h 40h
Total hours 50h 50h
Total hours of one year 100h

Exclusive Partners

  • Independent Educational Consultants Association (IECA)
  • Top Boarding Network
  • EduElite USA
  • Recommendation-Based Exclusive Programmes

Founded in 1976, the IECA is the international professional organization representing school and college admission counselors working in private practice. Membership in the IECA demonstrates that one has met rigorous standards. Only 7% of those who inquire about membership are ultimately accepted, making membership akin to licensure in this unregulated profession. Only the most qualified and experienced independent educational consultants in the United States are recognized with the designation as a "Professional Member" within the IECA. This designation demonstrates that the consultant is an expert in their specific domain and holds advanced degree/s in multiple disciplines relating to education, psychology, special education, school law, school improvement, school leadership and/or college admissions.

Shang Planning Platform currently collaborates with the following six educational consultants:

Top Boarding Network (TBN) is a non-profit organization devoted to service Asian families who are interested in learning, applying and connecting with Top U.S. Boarding Schools. Liaison with its partner schools, TBN provides school profiles, academics and special programs, admissions, school life and more.

EduElite is a US registered consulting company consists of former admission directors at Ivy League schools and former directors of college counselling at top boarding schools. Relying on solid partnership with universities and secondary schools, EduElite’s team of experts provide personalized consulting services as well as on-the-ground guardianship services to students studying in the states.。

Shang Planning Platform meticulously selects a portfolio of high quality educational programmes from around the world to recommend to our private families. Most of the programmes have limited spots, thus an internal recommendation from our team is a required part of the application process. Some sample programmes include:

Project Agora

Aims to instill global citizenship in the next generation of leaders, via education in social entrepreneurship. A prestigious roster of mentors includes former Prime Minister of Australia Kevin Rudd, former Prime Minister of Greece George Papandreou, former President of New York University John Sexton, etc.

Entity Academy

ENTITY is a women ’ s media and events platform built upon the belief that with the right tools and education, women have infinite potential. Every summer, ENTITY organizes an exclusive, women-only, immersive summer academy focusing on enhancing digital prowess in students. ENTITY’s mentor team ranges from members of the Rockefeller family, to CEO of multinational entertainment conglomerate, to renowned journalists.

Admission Services Workflow


Comprehensive skills assessment

8 aspects: English speaking, listening, reading, writing; critical thinking; creative thinking; cultural awareness; self-awareness.


Assessment results analysis

In-depth consulting session with family to inform and discuss assessment results. Based on preferred timeline and goals, provide professional recommendations on education planning.


Individualized Education Roadmap

Once official consulting services begin, professional IECA consultant will provide a comprehensive individualized admission timeline including course plan for test prep, core skills as well as portfolio building recommendations. The timeline includes but is not limited to the following aspects:

1 Timeline
·Testing - TOEFL
 - SSAT or SAT I
·Summer plans (when appropriate)
·Application process and timing
2 Research Schools
·Learning to effectively research schools
·Key factors to look for in a school
·List development
·Honing the list
·Understanding the philosophy of selecting schools
 - Who selects who and when?
3 Understanding the application process
·Academics - Grades
 - Letters of recommendation
·Supplemental materials
4 School visits
·If and when possible
·A necessary piece especially for boarding schools
·Interviews and itinerary
5 Summer Programs
·Personal character development
6 Intellectual Curiosity & development
·Understanding self in the process
7 Essays
·Personal Statement
·Supplemental Essays
8 Interviews
·Proprietary interview prep workshop by
 admission officers available upon inquiry
9 Completing the application process
10 Other pieces to the puzzle
·Appropriate school contact
·Artistic portfolios (where applicable)
·Music auditions (where applicable)
11 Application submission
12 Final School Selection once admitted and the Visa process
13 Pre-departure orientation presentation

Acceptance List

Since inception, Shang Planning Platform has serviced more than 200 students from Beijing, Shanghai, Hangzhou, Hong Kong, Shenzhen and cities across the US. Our students have been successfully admitted to top schools such as:

Contact Admission Office

  • Shang Planning Platform requires all students to take our in-house skills assessment and Lead Consultant interview before signing up for classes or services. Based on the assessment and interview report, our education team would recommend a personalized portfolio of products suitable to the student’s and family’s needs. The assessment covers eight aspects including English speaking, listening, reading, writing, critical thinking, creative thinking, cultural awareness and self-awareness.

  • Please contact Admission Office for assessment:

    Beijing:158 0165 8137
    Shanghai:189 6472 3690

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