SSAT China Official Leadership Circle Member

On October 23rd, 2018, Shang International Education Group (also known as Shang Learning) and the Enrollment Management Association (EMA) held a signing ceremony in Beijing. Shang Learning has become an official partner of SSAT China as a formal member of EMA’s Leadership Circle.

融尚南希伙伴管理合伙人 Nini Suet(左)与EMA首席测试研究官刘惊华博士(右)

北美私校理事会(EMA)CEO Heather Hoerle致辞

美国独立教育顾问协会(IECA)CEO Mark H. Sklarow致辞

The Enrollment Management Association (formerly known as SSATB) is the premier member organization for independent school admission professionals. As the governing body of the Secondary School Admission Test (SSAT), EMA aims to perfect a reliable test of cognitive skills that evaluate and compare applicants from a variety of diverse backgrounds. Since SSAT’s inception in 1957, it has remained the premier admission test on the market and has been proven exceptionally valid as an indicator of first-year student success in independent schools.

The test is not only one of the first steps Chinese students must take on their way to pursue high-quality education in North America, but also an objective and effective measure to assess students’ comprehensive capacities and knowledge of subjects.


It is precisely because of the significant impact of SSAT that becoming an official Leadership Circle Member is worthy of celebration. All members must undergo a comprehensive and thorough process to make sure their product qualities and service offerings are consistent with EMA’s gold standards. As an international educational solutions provider that operate professionally and ethically, Shang Learning is honored to be recognized as one of the first official members of SSAT China. It is indeed a crucial milestone that is of great significance.

Collaborating with SSAT’s educational resources, Shang Learning will invest further in R&D to enhance the educational assessment system. As one of the first educational institutions in China to provide professional admission advisory services as well as skills-oriented curriculum, Shang Learning will continue to uphold its high standards of consulting services while upgrading the proprietary curriculum to make sure Chinese students achieve a seamless foray into the West, academically, socially and emotionally.

Furthermore, as the official Leadership Circle Member, Shang Learning will have exclusive and direct registration channel for SSAT exams. Students will no longer need to register through the complex English interface, but through an effective channel that they could quickly and accurately sign up for a one-stop registration experience.

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