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Our Milestones

  • 2021年

    January, Shang NancyFriends partners with Deming Education Experience to launch the Humanities Scholars Undergraduate Program, aimed at securing admissions to Ivy League universities and top 15-ranked U.S. universities according to the US News.

    February, Shang NancyFriends' Shanghai office has relocates to new location

    March, Onboard+ Spring semester begins

    May, Shang NancyFriends' High School Application Meetup in Shenzhen

    June, Shang NancyFriends' 2021 Graduation Ceremony

    August, Shang NancyFriends, as the exclusive partner in China, collaborates with EagleBrook School to create a unique "Global Leadership" immersive English summer program exclusively tailored for middle school students.

    September 13, Shang NancyFriends introduces a new unique form of high school admissions called SUPERDAY, which will be the first-ever cross-departmental collaborative admissions event in the history of all schools.

    November, December, From the "Little Ivys" in the Ten Schools Admissions Organization to other elite high schools, we have connected with over 40 prestigious institutions, offering our students the best opportunities to interact with their dream schools and access top-notch resources.

  • 2020年

    March 1, Shang Learning and NancyFriends officially merged to become Shang NancyFriends International Education Group. Led by managing partners Nancy Liu and Nini Suet, we operate in the One Team approach to provide students with professional support throughout their application process. With combined expertise and resources, we are committed to creating a tailored study abroad consultation and preparatory training center specifically for Chinese students aspiring to study in the United States. Our goal is to provide students with comprehensive one-stop international education services.

    Auguest 16, Shang NancyFriends Chongqing campus officially opens its doors.

    Auguest 31, The innovative OnBoard+ program held its inaugural opening ceremony. Designed for Chinese students and families who are unable to return to campus, due to challenges created by the pandemic. OnBoard+ provides a safe, high-quality, community-oriented offline learning environment with structured extracurricular activities.

    Max becomes an official member of the board at his alma mater, The Hill School.

  • 2019年

    NancyFriends, in collaboration with the North America Study Abroad Stories, organized a grand gathering for American high school students. The NancyFriends Private School Alumni Association is officially established.

    In partnership with Northfield Mountain Hermon, NancyFriends hosts the Global Prep program. Additionally, NancyFriends has officially launched undergraduate application services that specialize in managing high school GPA (Grade Point Average) and designing high school program planning for specialized majors.

    Douglas Ray has joined the NancyFriends team.

    For three consecutive years, NancyFriends has been entrusted with organizing the official school meet-ups with the alma mater of Dr. Sun Yat-sen, Iolani School.

    Nini becomes and offical member of the board at her alma mater, Tabor Academy.

    Shang Learning‘s college admissions consulting team continues to grow with the addition of prominent professionals. Ann Rossbach, former president of the Independent Educational Consultants Association (IECA), Ray Diffley, former Director of Admissions at Choate Rosemary Hall, and Tim Katzman, former Senior Humanities History Teacher at Hotchkiss School, have officially joined the team.

    Both Shang Learning and NancyFriends are invited to deliver keynote speeches at the EMA Annual Summit, discussing the development of international education in China and highlighting the profile of exceptional Chinese students.

    Shang Learning is invited to join as an official member of the Character Collaborative, a North American organization dedicated to character development.

    Shang Learning has signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Theia Academy, a subsidiary of Beijing Jianhua Education Group. The partnership aims to jointly explore and implement a new application model that emphasizes character and abilities as its core focus.

    Shang Learning has entered into a strategic agreement with the high school division of Edison International School to collaborate and provide professional college counseling services for students aiming to pursue higher education in the United States. The partnership involves leveraging the expertise of the in-house college counseling team to assist students in their journey towards top American universities.

    For two consecutive years, Shang Learning has been entrusted with organizing the official school meet-ups at The Hill School, a prestigious American high school, specifically for Chinese students.

  • 2018年

    NancyFriends released "The Guide to Writing Essays for Top American Private High Schools,” filling a void in the essay writing landscape of the elite high school community.

    NancyFriends launches the Summer Real Image Camp, providing children with an artistic platform that breaks free from the constraints of traditional educational approaches.

    NancyFriends officially launches the Early Planning Program. As one of NancyFriends' key offerings over the years, this program effectively enhances students abilities while increasing their competitive advantage in the college application process.

    SL’s flagship campus in Shanghai Pudong is established. Max Zhang, the first Chinese mainland graduate of The Hill School, known as a "Little Ivy League School," joins SL as a partner and assumes the role of Principal at SL Shanghai Campus.

    SL’s college admissions consulting team continues to expand with the addition of Patricia O'Keefe, who joins as an exclusive collaborative admissions consultant, further enhancing our expertise and services in the field.

    Shang Learning International Education establishes the Core Competencies Research and Development Board, comprising several esteemed executives from top-tier American high schools such as St. Mark's School and Blair Academy. This initiative strengthens our commitment to excellence and innovation in education.

    SL and the Enrollment Management Association (EMA) forge a strategic partnership, formalized through a signing ceremony. This collaboration positions SNF as the official partner and founding member of the EMA for the Chinese mainland region, as well as the designated partner for the SSAT (Secondary School Admission Test) in China.

    September 20th, the 2018 Sino-US Core Competencies Education Symposium, hosted by Tsinghua University High School and organized by Shang Learning International Education Group, took place in Beijing. This symposium provided a platform for in-depth discussions on the core competencies in education between China and the United States, fostering cross-cultural exchange and collaboration in the field of education.

  • 2017年

    NancyFriends exclusively hosts the TABS Beijing Fair, an event showcasing boarding schools in North America.

    Jon Harris joins NancyFriends, bringing over thirty years of experience as an educator in the field of private schools in the United States.

    NancyFriends starts the "Sticky Candy” philanthropic campaign, guiding children to reflect on their personal values and develop their thinking skills through practical experiences while assisting them in the school application process.

    Sherry Chen joins NancyFriends as the Head of Early Planning Program and the Director of the Shanghai Office.

    "NancyFriends' Chronicles of American High School: Curiosities and Insights,” edited by Nancy, is now available for purchase. This book features firsthand information provided by NancyFriends' current students, showcasing the unique characteristics and activities of various schools. It is the first guidebook of its kind in China.

    In 2017, Shang Learning and NancyFriends collaborated with Tencent Education and the Fan Deng Reading Club to produce a documentary series titled "Children of the World: My High School Experience in the United States."

    SL’s college application team expands further with the addition of Lloyd Paradiso, the founder of the Independent Educational Consultants Association (IECA), as a key member.

    Shang Learning International Education Group hosted an International Education Summit, bringing together the principal of Beijing Shunyi International School, representatives from top American high schools, and experts from the media, to discuss the future of education.

    SL undergoes a brand upgrade and embarked on a group expansion, introducing subsidiary brands such as SL College Prep Academy, SL Admissions Planning Platform, and High Score High Potential Standardized Test Training.

  • 2016年

    NancyFriends has become a certified member of The Association of Boarding Schools (TABS) and the Enrollment Management Association (EMA), which represents North American boarding schools and private schools, respectively.

    NancyFriends Shanghai office has is established.

    SL Shanghai Representative Office has been established, introducing a core competency curriculum system.

  • 2015年

    Nancy attends training in etiquette at the Swiss International School of Etiquette and obtained certification in etiquette training. She has started incorporating etiquette training into her counseling sessions.

    NancyFriends collaborates with artist Deng Ying to develop art merchandise inspired by the NancyFriends brand.

    NancyFriends proudly hosts the second edition of the NancyFriends Musical, a spectacular event celebrating the performing arts.

    NancyFriends has signed agreements with multiple top-tier private schools in Switzerland, becoming their authorized educational consulting company. Officially launching our Swiss private school application advisory services.

    Shang Learning International Education Group and Greenwich Education Group, a leading education company in the United States, have signed a strategic partnership agreement. As exclusive partners, SL will introduce the credit-based curriculum from top private boarding high schools.

    SL is invited to be a featured speaker at the Global Symposium of The Association of Boarding Schools (TABS), where we shared insights into the international education landscape and its development in the Chinese market.

    SL is interviewed by the American edition of "GQ" and "The Economist”.

    SL becomes a member of the National Association for College Admission Counseling (NACAC) in the United States as well as the International Association for College Admission Counseling (IACAC) for overseas college guidance.

  • 2014年

    Nancy's study abroad workshop has officially becomes NancyFriends Education Consulting Co., Ltd.

    NancyFriends launches a philanthropic project in Guizhou, providing local children with access to diverse educational resources.

    The first-ever musical, "25th Annual NancyFriends Spelling Bee," was a success, and through this event, NancyFriends conveyed their team spirit of "growth matters more than just the application" to the community for the first time.

    Shang Learning was officially established in Beijing, marking SL‘s entry into the field of international education. After six months of dedicated curriculum development, the SL team became the pioneering voice in cultivating core competency skills in the field of international education.

    Lei Wei has joined the Shang Learning team.

    Hamilton Gregg has joined the SL team.

  • 2012年

    Nancy begins hosting Nancy Gatherings, providing a platform for families applying to American high schools to exchange ideas and experiences. It has become a highly influential event within the American high school application community.

    Nini becomes the Chair of the Princeton University Undergraduate Alumni Interview Committee for the North China region.

  • 2010年

    Since March of this year, NancyFriends has been making regular visits to private boarding high schools in the United States, establishing strong relationships with their admissions offices.

    Wayne Luo officially joins Nancy as a partner.

    Nini is organizes the first-ever offline alumni gathering of Tabor Academy in China, held in Hong Kong.

  • 2009年

    December, Nancy founded Nancy Study Abroad Studio, focusing on providing personalized study abroad solutions for students applying to American secondary schools and offering consulting services in study abroad.

    Nini became the representative of Tabor Academy in China.

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