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Shang Academy is an independent, co-educational, after-school academy that equips students interested in international education with the necessary skills, knowledge and mindsets for an effective application process – getting in, as well as a seamless assimilation into a foreign society to excel both inside and outside the classroom – getting ahead. Designed for students aged between 6-18, our curriculum spans across primary school, middle school and high school.

Our proprietary curriculum focuses on nurturing a set of core skills – communication, collaboration, critical thinking, creative thinking and cultural awareness – that are crucial to a successful transition into international education, and ultimately, navigation into the future.

Curriculum Map

Systematic and Skills-Oriented International Education Curriculum

Shang Academy’s primary school features the proprietary Young Learner Global Classroom curriculum; our middle school features our Core Skills curriculum; and our high school features Subjects, Novel Reading and Western Cultural curriculum. Our goal is to prepare students for the challenging environment of international education by cultivating analytical, collaborative, and creative skills.

As adolescents in an international environment, students are not only becoming more independent inside and outside the classroom, but they are also exposed to a wider variety of disciplines and topics. This course allows students to explore different contexts while equipping them with the tools and the know-how, increasing the mastery of skills as the course progresses.

  • 01 Core Skills Courses
    (Primary & Secondary School)

    Proprietary curriculum for the development of core skills including but not limited to critical thinking, creativity, communication, collaboration and cultural awareness.

  • 02 Subject Courses
    (Secondary School)

    Students to apply core skills acquired into learning subject knowledge on topics of interest.

  • 03 Personal Mentorship & Culture Courses

    Through project-based and product-based learning, students complete assignment based on interest to develop a sense of social responsibility and deepen self-awareness.

  • 04 Admission-Focused

    Interviews and essays are crucial aspects in the application process and the proprietary courses we developed include self-awareness and personal brand development.

Education Philosophy

Skills-Oriented, Growth Mindset

  • Foundational Academic Skills

    Foundational Academic Skills

    Strong academic performance is not the end goal but the byproduct of cultivating core skills. Our curriculum focuses on skills, instead of scores, to emphasize the learning process as much as the result.

  • Comprehensive, Long-term Education Planning

    Long-term Education Planning

    Genius is 1% inspiration and 99% perspiration. Therefore, we advise families to think long-term and begin as early as third grade to build a solid foundation for life-skills and habits that would enable the students to shine.

  • Teaching Method

    Teaching Method

    We practice Socratic, inquiry-based teaching method to encourage a discussion-based learning environment where students are no longer passive recipients but active participants in their academic journey.

  • An Emphasis on Character-Building

    An Emphasis on

    Education shapes character, and character matters. Therefore, our curriculum and faculty look beyond traditional cognitive development to focus on character-building.

  • Family as the most fundamental bedrock

    Family as the most fundamental bedrock

    We work with the entire family to pave the most comprehensive preparation for the child. Not only do we provide ongoing assessments and independent advice tailored for the child’s overall abilities, but we also evaluate family dynamics and communication styles to ensure the optimal environment for a child’s growth. We firmly believe the family’s attitude towards self-improvement directly impacts a child’s overall developments.

  • Skills-Oriented, Growth Mindset

    Skills-Oriented, Growth Mindset

    We believe that education is a long-term and systematic undertaking that requires early planning and being open to finding the best fit for each student. Top schools are the natural byproduct of impressive abilities built up over time. Therefore, we emphasize growth over admissions.

Primary School

Primary School

Shang Academy’s primary school Young Learner Global Classroom curriculum is designed to nurture both academic and social-emotional skills for students aged between 6-13. For admission into the programme, all students are required to take a comprehensive skills assessment whereby the programme director would recommend the most suitable course roadmap.

Core Skills Courses (Primary School)

  • ESL
    课程English as a
    Second Language


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  • 八岁爬藤
    核心能力课程Young Learner
    Global Classroom Curriculum


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  • 经典小说
    阅读课程(初级)Novel Reading
    Curriculum Foundational Level


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Middle & High School

Middle & High School

Shang Academy’s middle school and high school curriculum comprises of the following three aspects:

1. Skills-based courses that enhance the fundamental abilities students will need to not only gain acceptance into top schools, but also     navigate smoothly as a culturally aware citizen.

2. Extended Practice that allows students keep practicing and getting teacher feedback and guidance when they finish in-class lessons.

3. Subject courses that ensure students can apply the skills learned and become fully prepared to excel in western classrooms.

Curriculum Map

Our secondary school program emphasizes on nurturing both hard and soft skills, offering lessons on language training, mentorship coaching, intercultural understanding and strength building for students in high schools and colleges.

Students who are best prepared for the globalized future must not only have excellent academic record, but they must also demonstrate a wealth of personal experiences, remarkable resilience and leadership ability – all of which require meticulous and early planning. Our proprietary skills curriculum is for precisely this purpose, including a portfolio of courses including:

Social Communication: Speaking & Listening (6 levels)

Critical Thinking: Reading & Writing (3 levels)

Public Speaking & Presentation Skills (3 levels)

Novel Reading – Intermediate & Advance Level

Application Track Programme

The Application Track programme includes our proprietary Interview Prep and Essay Workshop, conducted in one-on-one fashion tailored to each student’s particular needs. Our team of consultants hails from top US and UK schools with a wealth of admission experiences. The curriculum begins with a deep dive on “self-awareness” and “personal style/brand development”, then moves onto a systematic course map to match personal traits with schools.

Admission-Focused Courses

  • Interview Prep Workshop

    Shang Learning believes the ability to communicate with conviction, stories and a sense of humor is a crucial skill top schools look for in their applicants, and they rely on different forms of interviews for assessment.

    The program includes a series of one-on-one, two-hour sessions to achieve the most comprehensive interview preparation for secondary schools and universities in the West, as well as bilingual and international schools in China.

  • Application Essays Workshop

    The ability to write a personal story that’s not only deeply representative of one’s experience and core values, but also in one’s authentic and eloquent voice is crucial in making a long-lasting impression in the eyes of admission officers.

    In our Application Essays Workshop, our series of one-on-one, systematic courses are designed to enable students to tell their personal stories in written form.


Certificate Program

The goal of this Certificate Program is to address the increasing trend for students studying abroad from China. Many students in China have started to drop school during the Fall months to "practice" SSAT and TOEFL while completing their applications. When they return to school in December or January, they cram to catch up and "earn" a grade. But, if they have not been in school, this grade has no real relevance to actual learning. Thus, already placing students at a great disadvantage.

Shang Academy is uniquely positioned because we already offer content courses in multiple areas. The main vision of Shang is not solely on admissions, but on education. With our current and developing content courses, if aligned with US boarding schools, can help students close this increasing education gap, and ultimately better prepare students when they arrive on campus.

Contact Admission Office

  • Shang Academy requires all students to take our in-house skills assessment before signing up for classes or services. Based on the assessment report, our education team would recommend a personalized portfolio of products suitable to the student’s and family’s needs.

  • Please contact Admission Office for assessment:


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